Breast Cancer Action Quebec offers a range of educational workshops and has a team of facilitators available to give them in schools, workplaces, community groups and faith-based groups. The length can be adapted to different circumstances. Call us if you are interested in one for your group. We ask that organizers cover transportation costs and a donation to the organization.

  • Prevention and Action Against Cancer and Toxicants (two session workshop)

This is a complete educational workshop on toxic substances in common consumer products, their effects and what can be done individually and collectively to reduce their presence in our lives. More information and useful materials related to PACT and Chemical Detective workshops.

1st workshop: Becoming a Chemical Detective

This workshop informs you about toxic chemicals you are exposed to everyday. It also provides a framework for understanding environmental health risks and gives practical tips on safer alternatives for the reduction of toxic chemical exposures at home.


  • How are we exposed to chemicals substances in our environment?
  • How do these chemicals substances affect us?
  • What are the chemicals substances present in our home?
  • How can we avoid exposure to these chemicals?
  • How can we be more aware as consumers?

Workshop duration: 2 hours

2nd workshop: Take action against toxicants

The goal of the second workshop is to create a collective action with the participants to reduce toxic chemicals in our environment (Examples: sending Christmas card to companies, distributing shopping guides to customers, hosting information sessions).

In this workshop, we will begin by brainstorming about an action that will help reduce toxic substances in our environment. We will then plan and carry out this action.

Workshop duration : 2 hours

Note: According to the choice of action by the participants, it is possible that additional meetings will be required.

  • Breast Cancer and the Workplace

How is breast cancer linked to workplace risk factors and how is it treated as a workplace health and safety issue? Also, what does the recent Supreme Court Decision about recognizing breast cancer as a workplace illness mean for women?

  • Chemical Detective

An introduction to toxic substances in common consumer products and their effects.

  • Beast of Beauty

What are toxic substances in cosmetics and personal care products and, more importantly, why are they there and what can be done about it?

  • From Anger to Conformity: What has happened to a feminist analysis of breast cancer?

This presentation focuses on the history of the breast cancer movement, the women’s environmental health movement and where we are today.