Volume 20, No. 3 Fall 2012

NANOPARTICLES in Your Cosmetics and Consumer Products: Untested, Unlabeled and of Concern
Book Review
Plastics Manufacturing and Women's Health
A Comparison of Cosmetic Regulations in Canada and the European Union
In Her Words: BCAM Talks to Hayley Darychuk
New Research Approach Needed for Endocrine Disruptors
News Briefs
Newsletter Committee

Volume 20, No. 2 Spring 2012

What your membership fees will not pay for
Members' statements
Message from the Executive Director
The demise of the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance
Volunteer workshop
News briefs
BCAM news
Book review
Miss Represenation on International Women's Day

Volume 20, No. 1 Winter 2012

Beyond the headlines - the IOM report on breast cancer and the environment
BCAM blogger pays tribute to Dr. Sandra Steingraber
Lawsuit dropped, compromise achieved
Annual general meeting and public information forum
Healthy Barbs: new ways to think about living with illness
BCAM news
Pinc Ribbons, Inc. premiere
News Briefs
Breast cancer in men

Volume 19, No. 2 Fall 2011

The audacity to believe
People before profits
Activism at 90
My diagnosis changed how I felt
BCAM, 20 years later...
A tribute to remarkable women
BCAM news
Fundraising campaign
News briefs
14 years later...

Volume 19, No. 1 Spring 2011

Confronting the pink ribbon
Survey results
Breast cancer testing: assessments continue
Lymph node removal
Alternatives to Pink campaign
The Brazilian blowout affair
News Briefs
Is this product safe?

Volume 18, No. 3 Fall 2010

“Pink cigarettes for the cure?”
Shopping won’t prevent breast cancer
I hate Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Honouring our volunteers
We get by with a little help from our friends
BCAM activist honoured
BCAM presentations available
Some encouraging news
Breast cancer a disease – not a market opportunity
My new path to an eco-beauty lifestyle
Give us your opinion

Volume 18, No. 2 Spring 2010

Kids and the Environment
Breast cancer testing: a Quebec update
Breast and Prostate Cancer
Environmental Health Nursing Group Formed
What’s New at FemmeToxic
Why FemmeToxic?
News Briefs
Innovation in Rapid Diagnosis at Princess Margaret Hospital
Meet the BCAM Staff
Roundtable Report

Volume 18, No. 1 Winter 2010

Living with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in Canada
A Case for Breast Cancer Prevention
A Special Benefit
A Conversation with Dr. Annie Sasco
Annual General Meeting Held
News Briefs
Molly Markman
Annual Workshop for BCAM Members and Friends
Effects of the Environment on Children's Health: 2010 Lanie Melamed Memorial Lecture
BCAM Puts the Fun in Fundraising
Renewal of BCAM's Social Media Activities

Volume 17, No. 3 Fall 2009

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
A conversation with Dr. Jack Siemiatycki, epidemiologist
News Briefs
State of the Evidence 2008 Sounds the Alarm about Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)
Introducing Project False Hope: Combatting Cancer Fraud
Book Review: Slow Death by Rubber Duck
BCAM Represented at the Fifth World Environmental Education Congress
Dow Challenges Quebec's Pesticide Ban
Update on the FemmeToxic Project
Remembering Judit Fellegi
BCAM Marches with the Girl Guides

Volume 17, No. 2 Spring 2009

Activist Welcomed
Vitamin D and Breast Cancer
Taking the Pulse of Environmental Research
News Briefs
Ionizing Radiation
Prevention is More than Lifestyle
Book Review
Cosmetic Pesticides Banned
State of the Evidence Available in French
PBDEs and Breast Cancer
Effects of Night Shifts on Breast Cancer

Volume 17, No. 1 Winter 2009

Stacy Malkan
CCS and Pesticides
Green Chemistry in Canada
BCAM's Workshop
News Briefs
Estrogens in Our Rivers
Toxic Flame Retardants
Zero Waste in Bhutan
State of the Evidence '08

Volume 16, No. 3 Fall 2008

Fifth World Conference on Breast Cancer
Thoughts about BCAM at the World Conference
Book Reviews
The Gardasil Sales Pitch
Prevention Is the Cure
News Briefs
The Security and Prosperity Partnership Makes You Sick
Genetic Testing
Younger Women and Breast Cancer
March for BCAM
Breast Cancer Prevention in Action

Volume 16, No. 2 Spring 2008

Gardasil: Cancer Answer or Controversy?

Everyday Pollutants and Breast Cancer
Weed or Wonder Plant?
Book Reviews
The Current Situation with Bisphenol-A
Fun in Fundraising
Surprise Donation
Remembering Lanie
DDT and Breast Cancer
Saying Goodbye
News Briefs

Volume 16, No. 1 Winter 2008

Safety: Everyday Consumer Products
Beast of Beauty and the CBC
A New Look at Breast Self-Exams
Book Review
HEAP Draws to a Close
The 4th Annual Lanie Melamed Memorial Lecture Date
New BCAM Workshop
Caution Advised
News Briefs

Volume 15, No. 3 Fall 2007

The SPP — more than meets the eye?

The Prevent Cancer Now Conference
An Extraordinary Workshop
An Overview of BCAM's Presentation
A Startling Film
Safe Cosmetics Rally of May 16th
A Shift In Position From The Canadian Cancer Society
Fun with Fundraising
The BCAM Leadership Circle Monthly Donor Program
News Briefs
Q & A

Volume 15, No. 2 Spring 2007

Cosmetics, Chemicals and Breast Cancer—Jeanne Rizzo Lecture
BCAM Members—We Need Your Recipes
Breast Cancer and Hormone Therapy
Do You Use Soap? Then You Use Cosmetics
Empowerment Through Information
Prevent Cancer Now
Rachel Carson: An Anniversary
The Safe Cosmetics Campaign
News Briefs
Q & A

Volume 15, No. 1 Winter 2007

Advertising in Medical Journals

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs
News Briefs
BCAM Marches for Prevention
BCAM — a brief history
BCAM Members and Friends March for Prevention, and Dump Toxic Cosmetics
Book Review: Pink Ribbons, Inc.
Q&A: Why doesn't BCAM accept contributions from pharmaceutical companies?
The Message Is Getting Out
BCAM's Annual General Meeting

Volume 14, No. 3 Fall 2006

Tamoxifen vis-a-vis raloxifene
What is CEPA 1999 and why should I care?
News Briefs
Doctors Debate Prevention vs. Cure
Join TOXIC DUMP, a new feature of the 'Prevention is the Cure' March!
Film review: Rachel's Daughters: Searching for the causes of breast cancer
Q&A: How is BCAM different from other breast cancer organizations?
Ninth Fundraising March held by Greenfield Park Girl Guides
Workshop a Success

Volume 14, No. 2 Spring 2006

Stop Cancer before it Starts! Elizabeth May's Lecture
Chasing the Cancer Answer
NEW! BCAM Speakers' Bureau
Membership Survey Results
Why We Don't Support the Weekend to End Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Worldwide
BCAM's Statement to Health Canada on Silicone Breast Implants
Recruiting New Dragon Boat Team Members
News Briefs
Book Reviews

Volume 14, No. 1 Winter 2006

The Secret Life of Dust
Smart Regulation
News Briefs
Walking the Walk
Prevention March
Tips and Wisdom
The Silence that Kills
Our President
Sierra Club's Elizabeth May to Speak
AGM 2006
Ductal Lavage New Screening tool co-founded by Dr. Susan Love

Volume 13, No. 3 Fall 2005

The 4th World Conference on Breast Cancer
Cultural Aspects of Breast Cancer
Barbara Ehrenreich's Thoughts on Breast Cancer, Anger and a Cult of Pink Kitsch
Beauty and the Beasts
Pink Ribbon Blues Campaign
Tackling Toxins
Remembering Bev Campbell
Welcome Jane!
Paddles Up! It's Time to Celebrate!
News Briefs
Book Reviews

Volume 13, No. 2 Spring 2005

Information about Herceptin
Profits in Pink Report (pdf)
Profits in Pink
Breast Cancer and the Environment
Cancer War Tells Only Half of Story
News Briefs
Resources on Cosmetics and Cancer
Spring News
Quebec Women Focus on the Links Between Their Health and the Environment
The Meaning of Prevention
Book Review

Volume 13, No. 1 Winter 2005

Pink Ribbon Blues
Run, Walk & Roll for Cancer Prevention
The Sister Study
Breast Cancer and the Environment
CAP Conference
BCAM Marches for Prevention
Real Men Don't Get Breast Cancer
Environmental Health Tracking
Registry of Clinical Trials
News Briefs

Volume 12, No. 3 Fall 2004

Breast Cancer Detection and Women with Disabilities

Debating the Precautionary Principle
Pesticides Cause Disease
New Looks at Old Questions
News Briefs
Health Care and Social Services
Two Abreast in South Africa
Freda Otchere, 1947–2004
Letter to the Editor

Volume 12, No. 2 Spring 2004

The Dangers of 'Pharma Partnering'
All Is Not As It Seems
Public Health vs. Chemoprevention
Special Event
Update on Hormone Therapies
News Briefs
Good News for Women
The Precautionary Principle

Volume 12, No. 1 Winter 2004

The Fuss over Femara
BCAM's Annual Report
Lanie Melamed (1928–2003)
Pharmed and Dangerous
News Briefs
Keeping Abreast

Volume 11, No. 3 Fall 2003

The Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
Pesticide Hearing
Cancer and Natural Cell Suicide
Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Breast Cancer
Book Reviews: Prescription Games and Dr. Susan Love's Menopause & Hormone Book
News Briefs

Volume 11, No. 2 Spring 2003

Putting Pills in Perspective
Paddling in New Zealand
Patients, not Persons
What's New on Breast Cancer Prevention
Tamoxifen Still Being Touted for Prevention Despite Risks
News Briefs
Book Review: Bathesheba's Breast: Women, Cancer & History

Volume 11, No. 1 Winter 2003

Multi-million dollar study "inconclusive by design" Funds
Short Research Reports
The Precautionary Principle
Need, Not Greed
Gerry Rogers Delivers
Book Review: When Smoke Ran Like Water
News Briefs

Volume 10, No. 3 Fall 2002

Breast Cancer Advocates and Pharmaceutical Industry Funds
Breast Cancer Activism in the Phillipines
A Disease on the Rise
Tamoxifen Gets a "Black Box" Rating
Delegates Focus on the Causes of Breast Cancer
Tree Planting by Girl Guides in Greenfield Park

Volume 10, No. 1 Spring 2002

A Challenge to Tamoxifen?
Mammography: The Search for Clarity
Bright Light and Breast Cancer

Volume 9, No. 2 Fall 2001

The President's Report
BCAM Marks Ten Years of Advocacy

Volume 9, No. 1 Spring 2001

Mammography: Questions, Realities, Risks

Volume 8, No. 3 Autumn/Winter 2000

Life's Delicate Balance: A Guide to Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer

Volume 8, No. 2 Summer 2000

BCAM Protests Eli Lily funding of Chair in Women's Health
Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy Questioned

Volume 7, No. 4 Fall 1999 ~ Special Issue
The Second World Conference on Breast Cancer (7/'99)

The Many Faces of Breast Cancer
Follow the Money: Who Pays for What You Think — The Politics and PR of Cancer
Sharon Batt's Plenary Speech
Winning the Fight: Rose Responds