• General public workshop

    (in French only)

    with buffet offered

    No admission fee

    Voluntary contribution appreciated

    Wednesday, March 25, 2020


    469 Jean-Talon West, room 113, Montreal (metro Parc)

  • Toxic Beauty

    Phyllis Ellis/ Canada/2019/FR

    Toxic Beauty is a feature-length documentary that follows the class action suit brought against Johnson and Johnson by plaintiffs who believe that their ovarian cancer is caused by the daily use of baby powder. Their personal story, as they fight for justice in a race against time with this deadly disease, is carefully presented. At the heart of the film is medical student Mymy Nguyen, who measures her body's chemical load from the 27 products she applies daily. Scientists monitor her disturbing results.

    TUESDAY, MARCH  10, 6 p.m.

    Auditorium in the Sherbrooke Pavillon of UQAM (SH-2800)
    200 Sherbrooke St West
    Metro Place-des-Arts

  • Donate Now

    "My belief that the only struggle we lose is the one we abandon is what gives me strength to carry on. Breast Cancer Action Quebec is here for the long haul, to fight for prevention. Why don’t we collectively say, “Stop this madness; let’s work together to prevent cancer! This is the only thing that makes any sense to me and why I feel privileged to get up in the morning to go do my job at Breast Cancer Action Quebec."

    Patricia Kearns,
    Research and Networking Advisor, Breast Cancer Action Quebec

  • Our Pervasive Perfume Problem

    Scented products have become so ubiquitous that it is difficult to find products that have no scent. All scented products rely on phthalates, which are powerful endocrine disrupting chemicals.

    One group of people for whom perfumes pose a very serious problem are those with multiple chemical sensitivities. Some of these people report that when they accessed health care, they got sicker, because of the chemical substances present in hospitals or clinics, especially fragrances.  

    That is why the Environmental Health Association of Québec (ASEQ-EHAQ) launched the project The Case for Making Health-Care in Quebec Fragrance-Free.

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  • Environmental Health Workshops for Young People

    We offer dynamic environmental health workshops for young people (ages 14 - 24).

    Groups can be made up of girls or mixed. We can adapt the workshops to your interests and the time available.

    Contact us if you are interested.



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