Off to a Good Start!

The Financial Impact of a Serious Illness

This year we are confronting head on the financial impact of a serious or chronic illness like breast cancer on women's lives.  In partnership with the feminist network Relais-femmes, we will develop easy to use tools to help people evaluate their financial vulnerability and offer information on what they can do to protect themselves, no matter their financial resourcesOK.

Training Young Women to Become Environmental Leaders

An evolution of our youth program is underway in 2019. Building on our successful high school curriculum, Young People Connecting with their Environment and Communities we will work with youth groups to propel young women to become the leaders of tomorrow in the environmental movement. Watch out world! 

Reform the Canadian Environmental Protection Act  

And of course, we will continue our push to reform the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. With the upcoming federal election there is a great opportunity to ask candidates and politicians where they stand on CEPA. We are building tools that will help groups, communities or individuals mobilize around this important election issue. Keep an eye out for this toolkit and be part of the change you want to see happen.

Great Events for the Spring

As always, we have some great events planned for the Spring. We know how much our Zumbathon  fundraiser moved you (haha) last year, so we're doing it again, this time with a twist. Stay tuned! 

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For twenty five years — with your support — BCAQc has been working hard to get vital information about environmental and chemical links to breast cancer to the public, and we now know that our message is being heard.

We ask you to consider a financial gift to Breast Cancer Action Quebec to help us to continue to get this vital information to the public.

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